why are we a kea certified dealer

Why are we a Kea Certified Dealer? It’s a great question and goes back to my days in Adelaide working for the Kea Dealer there. Why are we a Kea dealer

What impressed me about the Kea vehicles was the standard to which they are refurbished by the Kea Factory team before being sold to the Dealer network. They have developed a set of standards for the refurbishment which all of their staff adhere to so there is a consistency of the vehicles when they come out of the factory.

You can’t fail to be impressed with the interior condition of these Motorhomes and Campervans. Many items like stove tops, benches, blinds and curtains and even fridges and microwaves are replaced or renewed and it’s hard to tell them from a new one in many cases. Of course we guarantee that all of the electrical and gas appliances will be in working condition when you purchase a Kea vehicle.

Externally the story is the same with most dents and scrapes being repaired and paintwork and fibreglass being rejuvenated so that it looks like new. Check out the photos of our current stock here and see what I mean.2014 KEA RETREAT MERCEDES M715 6 BERTH

Mechanically these vehicles are excellent having been serviced according to the log books and manufacturers specifications and full Service Records are available for each vehicle. Some customers are concerned about the higher mileage on ex rental units like these but it’s worth keeping in mind that these are diesel engines which are designed to roll down the highway for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Added to this is the fact that most of their mileage is done on the open road at relatively low speeds and at low engine revs so the motors are not working as hard as they do when driven mostly in the city.

Coupled with the impeccable service history these vehicles have proven to be very reliable over a long period of time. All vehicles come with a Roadworthy/Safety Certificate, Gas Certificate and at Cairns Motorhomes we arrange an independent Mechanical Inspection by Wayne Boylett Mechanical, one of the leading mechanical service centres in Cairns, who provide a complete report on all of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. Most vehicles will also come with a 12 month National Warranty for your peace of mind.

Kea units are particularly well suited to first time buyers as they are really well organised and simple to operate. Then of course there is the saving off new vehicle prices!

Kea have Motorhomes and Campervans ranging from 2 berth HiTop Campervans based on the legendary Toyota HiAce through to larger 6 berth River and Retreat Motorhomes based on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis which is renowned for it’s power and reliability. All except the HiTops have a shower and toilet and are fully self contained with fresh water tanks, grey water tanks and solar panels so free camping is easy. Most will qualify for the CMCA’s Leave no trace Scheme and camping in National Parks will also be allowed so you you open up a whole range of new options.Free Camping

There are often opportunities to source low mileage or even new units if you prefer this so please talk to us if you would like to explore options for newer units.

So why are we a Kea Certified Dealer? Because we believe the Kea range offers the best range for quality, value for money, reliability and range options backed by Full service history, Roadworthy/Safety Certificate, Gas Certificate, Independent Mechanical Report and in most cases a 12 months National Warranty – it’s a truly great package.

Call us on 0426 021 691 or email us on the contact page for more information or book an inspection of one of our stock units here