Why use the consignment sale method?

consignment sale

Do you have a motorhome or campervan to sell but you don’t like the idea of selling it yourself? Consignment Sale may be your answer. You can see the type of vehicles we sell on our stock page but we will sell any Motorhome or Campervan for you.

So many decisions to make. How much should I ask, where do I advertise, do I need to fix things that may not be 100%, how much cleaning should I do, when do I let people come and inspect, how do I handle test drives, what about scammers who might contact me, how do I negotiate with potential purchasers? And so much more!

Let us take all the worry out of the whole process for you. We handle the advertising and marketing, deal with all the prospective purchasers who want inspections and test drives, handle all the sale negotiations and draw up the contracts and ensure payments are made before handover. We will also handover the vehicle to the purchaser including demonstrating how everything works inside the ‘home’.

Your vehicle is stored under cover in our showroom so will always be presented in great condition and can be plugged in so batteries are maintained and we can demonstrate that air conditioners and microwaves are in working condition. The showroom is locked each night and so it’s very secure also.

Your funds are held in an audited Trust Account until settlement when they are transferred to you minus our fee. We have a flat fee structure and there is no charge if your vehicle is not sold, except for any paid advertising needed. Sometimes paid advertising is not necessary as we have people we know are wanting a motorhome like yours and there are some effective free sites as well as your vehicle being featured on our website. Otherwise the cost of paid advertising will be $50 to $150 depending on the number of sites we use. You can see more info on the laws around Consignment sale of vehicles in Qld online here

We work for our vendors to achieve the highest price possible in the current market and will work with you at the start of the consignment sale process to agree on a price for your motorhome or campervan.

Contact us below if you would like to discuss selling your Motorhome or Campervan by consignment sale or call us on 0426 021 691.